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Play, Learn, Develop

Birth to 5 years


As a qualified nursery teacher, I will ensure that your child develops inline with the guidance set out by the New 'Early Years Foundation Stages' 2014 and record observations together with achievements and dates on their progress charts and daily diaries.



After School Club


After School care is not just about keeping the children safe until their parents return from work, but with the right environment and stimulation, this time can be spent encouraging the children to engage in useful activities that enhance the learning in their School classroom.



8 Years +


Children in this category are allowed to set their own criteria within certain boundaries. My aim here is to install a sense of responsibility and individuality but are always welcome to join the younger child in their activities if they wish or to help out.




Children 8+ are registered under the OFSTED voluntary register

Play & Learn


Children 'Learn' through 'Play' and my aim is to create an environment which allows the child to be creative and express their abilities through the medium of play.


Activities are designed to be fun yet educational and encourage to the child to develop at an individual pace and not a collective.

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