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Most asked Questions & Answers


I aim to answer some of the most common questions that I have been asked over the years, but please do not hesitate to contact me if I have missed any.


Am I a member of PACEY (NCMA)


PACEY is an association providing varies levels of support to childminders. I am not a member of PACEY but I am a member of the Morton Michel Childcare Club which offers the same support whilst benefiting from the fact that they are a dedicated Childcare Insurance company.


Am I registered with Ofsted


Yes, my registration number is EY271069. All childminders have to be registered to conform with UK law


Am I checked for criminal records CRB DBS


Yes, as part of the registration process with Ofsted, they perform the CRB (DBS) check prior to being granted my certificate.


Am I working to 'The Bristol Standard' in childcare


No, this is a fantastic set of guidelines to ensure a quality of service and training for childminders. I have qualifications and provisions that exceed those set out in these guidelines.


Whilst not working towards 'The Bristol Standard', I am a member of the 'Bristol Childminding Network', which is run by Bristol City Council to ensure that childcare in Bristol meets all legal requirements by offering training and a dedicated advice and support team.


How do I stay up to date with current standards and legislation?


As a member of the 'Bristol Childminding Network', I receive continued training and updates, via 'Bristol North Network Training' providers, which I attend regularly throughout the year.


Details of my most recent training certificates, can be found on my profile page.


Will my child have access to other groups & outside interests?


Every Tuesday (during term time), we attend Filton Road Early Years Centre, this allows your child to meet other children, to develop friendship bonds, an extended outside play area, and access to qualified teachers as part of their ‘learning path’.


We regularly attend ‘Forest School’, which is run by qualified professionals in and around Stoke Park. Forest School enables your child to ‘play with nature’ and learn through heuristic play methods.

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