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Childcare Enquiry & Application

Step 1 - Complete the online enquiry form, and I will contact you you within the next 48 hours, to further discuss your requirements. 

Alternatively, if you are unhappy to send personal information this way, please complete, the 'off-line' version, and either forward it to me via email, or contact me by phone.


Step 2 - Once a space has been agreed, you will be invited to visit the setting, and your details will be entered on our waiting list.

Step 3- A formal offer of place is made.

Step 4 - If you accept the offer, login details to our childcare system will be sent via email, where you can confirm and sign all the necessary forms, permission slips and contract details. 

Bumbelina Privacy Statement

All data collected, is used for the sole purpose of identifying availability, and suitability of a childcare space within my setting.

I do not store any of this information, sell or use it for any other purpose, marketing or solicitation.

Once a place is identified, Data is transferred to my 'Baby Days' system, where the parent has full access to all stored information, with exception to information held in the 'concerns' section, as required by law.


This site uses 'third party' software and 'components', which may collect your data.


WIX.Com Privacy Statement

POWR Privacy Statement 

'Natalie Stephens.'

Privacy Statement
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