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All children in my care have access to fruit and bottled Spring water throughout their time in the setting unless otherwise stated or required by their parents and this is included in the hourly rate.


I am able to supply meals for the children at an additional rate or store packed meals.

Served 7.30am - 8am
Included in fee

Children must arrive at the setting before 7-30am.


Children will have a choice of individual cereals with semi skimmed milk and a small glass of pure fruit juice or freshly made fruit smoothie.


Children will be encouraged to clean their teeth after breakfast to discourage fruit acid attack on young teeth.

Served 12pm - 1pm
From £1.50 per day

A light lunch will be provided suitable for a particular age unless the parent wishes to supply their own pre-packed lunch which will be served at this time. Ready made baby formula / expressed breast milk can be stored as required.


Small cut sandwiches with vegetable sticks or light pasta.


Yogurt or fruit mouse

Served 5pm - 5.30pm
From £2.00 per day

When ever possible, I encourage parents to take evening meals with their child(ren) as I believe that this is an important part of family life and allows families to have quality time together to discuss the days events.


Whilst the above statement is desirable, as working parents ourselves, I understand that it is not always practicable to be able to return home from work, collect the children and prepare an evening meal within a reasonable time frame so we are able to supply a limited number of places for evening meals.

Dinner - Sample
Children made Pizza

Home baked Pizza with flair - created by the children!


Fresh baked pizza base

Napoli tomato sauce with herbs

Choice of: Sliced mushrooms - Green Giant reduced salt sweetcorn - Applewood smoked ham - red & yellow peppers - Locally sourced Cheddar cheese.


Served with apple and cucumber slices.

Dinner - Sample
Fresh Salad
Dinner - Sample

Applewood smoked ham

Iceberg salad with red grapes instead of tomato option

Seasonal Cornish New Potatoes


Leith's School Lasagne with red wine ragu

Tesco finest oven baked chunky chips

Fresh steamed mix vegetables


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